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Stuart Carter's Reviews

Brasyl Image
Brasyl (Science Fiction) 86(12)
Published by Pyr on April 21, 2009
First Published by Gollancz in 2007
SF Site Review Rating: 100
That McDonald can accomplish such a narrative feat whilst also juggling three so very different "proper" stories at once made this reviewer almost gasp in wonderment.
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Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse Image
Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse (Science Fiction) 82(7)
Published by Night Shade Books on January 15, 2008
SF Site Review Rating: 80
Wastelands is a fine anthology: an educational introduction to the subgenre and a well-chosen jog of the memory for the more experienced connoisseur of calamity.
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The Martian General's Daughter Image
The Martian General's Daughter (Science Fiction) 78(4)
Published by Pyr on April 01, 2008
SF Site Review Rating: 100
The Martian General's Daughter is a true tour de force in its retelling of the fall of the Roman Empire through a science fictional prism.
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