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Charles de Lint's Books (Author)

Under My Skin (Wildlings, Book 1) Image Under My Skin (Wildlings, Book 1) (Fantasy) 80(1)
Published by Triskell Press on May 25, 2012
The Painted Boy Image The Painted Boy (Young Adult Fantasy) 60(1)
Published by Viking Juvenile on November 11, 2010
The Very Best of Charles de Lint Image The Very Best of Charles de Lint (Fantasy) 86(3)
Published by Tachyon Publications on July 15, 2010
Eyes Like Leaves Image Eyes Like Leaves (Fantasy) 73(3)
Published by Tachyon Publications on January 16, 2012
First Published by Subterranean in 2010
Muse and Reverie Image Muse and Reverie (Fantasy) 86(3)
Published by Tor Books on December 08, 2009
The Mystery of Grace Image The Mystery of Grace (Fantasy) 77(6)
Published by Tor Books on March 17, 2009
Little (Grrl) Lost Image Little (Grrl) Lost (Young Adult Fantasy) 60(1)
Published by Viking Juvenile on September 06, 2007
First Published by Viking Juvenile in 2007
Promises to Keep Image Promises to Keep (Fantasy) 73(3)
Published by Subterranean on September 04, 2007
Widdershins (Newford) Image Widdershins (Newford) (Fantasy) 80(1)
Published by Tor Books on June 12, 2007
First Published by Tor Books in 2006
Medicine Road Image Medicine Road (Fantasy) 81(3)
Published by Tachyon Publications on June 15, 2009
First Published by Subterranean Press in 2004
Moonlight & Vines (Newford) Image Moonlight & Vines (Newford) (Fantasy) 75(1)
Published by Tor Fantasy on December 15, 1999
First Published by Tor Books in 1999
Jack of Kinrowan Image Jack of Kinrowan (Fantasy) 80(2)
Published by Tor Books on July 02, 1999
First Published by Tom Doherty Assoc Llc in 1995
The Ivory and the Horn (Newford) Image The Ivory and the Horn (Newford) (Fantasy) 76(3)
Published by Orb Books on October 02, 2007
First Published by Tor Books in 1995
Memory and Dream (Newford) Image Memory and Dream (Newford) (Fantasy) 80(1)
Published by Tor Books on October 01, 1994
Dreams Underfoot: A Newford Collection Image Dreams Underfoot: A Newford Collection (Fantasy) 80(1)
Published by Orb Books on August 01, 2003
First Published by Tor Books in 1994
The Little Country Image The Little Country (Fantasy) 65(1)
Published by Orb Books on April 07, 2001
First Published by William Morrow & Co in 1991
Moonheart Image Moonheart (Fantasy) 83(3)
Published by Orb Books on February 15, 1994
First Published by Ace in 1984
The Riddle of the Wren Image The Riddle of the Wren (Young Adult Fantasy) 65(1)
Published by Firebird on September 16, 2002
First Published by Ace in 1984

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