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John Scalzi's Books (Author)

Redshirts (Three Codas) Image Redshirts (Three Codas) (Science Fiction) 82(4)
Published by Tor Books on June 05, 2012
Fuzzy Nation Image Fuzzy Nation (Science Fiction) 77(9)
Published by Tor Books on May 10, 2011
The God Engines Image The God Engines (Fantasy) 73(4)
Published by Subterranean on December 31, 2009
Agent to the Stars Image Agent to the Stars (Science Fiction) 77(4)
Published by Tor Books on October 28, 2008
Zoe's Tale Image Zoe's Tale (Science Fiction) 72(5)
Published by Tor Science Fiction on April 28, 2009
First Published by Tor Books in 2008
The Last Colony Image The Last Colony (Science Fiction) 78(4)
Published by Tor Science Fiction on July 29, 2008
First Published by Tor Books in 2007
The Sagan Diary Image The Sagan Diary (Science Fiction) 60(2)
Published by Subterranean Press on February 10, 2007
First Published by Subterranean in 2007
The Android's Dream Image The Android's Dream (Science Fiction) 77(4)
Published by Tor Science Fiction on October 30, 2007
First Published by Tor Books in 2006
The Ghost Brigades Image The Ghost Brigades (Science Fiction) 82(4)
Published by Tor Science Fiction on May 01, 2007
First Published by Tor Books in 2006
Old Man's War Image Old Man's War (Science Fiction) 80(7)
Published by Tor Science Fiction on January 15, 2007
First Published by Tor Books in 2005

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