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Night Lamp

Written by Jack Vance

Average Score: 50(1)

Found as a child with no memory of his past, adopted by a scholarly couple who raised him as their own, Jaro never quiet fit into the rigidly defined Society of Thanet.

When his foster parents are killed in a mysterious bombing, Jaro Fath sets out to discover the truth of his origins--a quest that will take him across light-years and into the depths of the past.

Book Details

Science Fiction
Paperback, 384 Pages
Published by Tor Books on February 15, 1998
First Published by A Tom Doherty Associeted Book in 1996
ISBN-10 0312864728
ISBN-13 978-0312864729


SF Reader | Richard R. Horton
Review Rating: 50
This book has full measure of irony, and is also often much more forthrightly funny than I remember Vance being in earlier novels.
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