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The Inheritance

Written by Christopher Stires

Average Score: 63(3)

What if you could have your every wish...


...and desire?

What would you want?

And what would others want from you?

Jess Claiborne is about to find out.

After eight years in a Mexican prison, Jess is attempting to readjust to normal life. Then he inherits a mysterious box from his murdered uncle--a box that will grant his every wish. Jess soon realizes that ownership of the box comes with a terrible price tag--possibly the life of the woman he loves, and his own.

Book Details

Paperback, 186 Pages
Published by Zumaya Publications, LLC on February 25, 2003
ISBN-10 189494223X
ISBN-13 978-1894942232


SF Reader | Howard von Darkmoor
Review Rating: 70
The Inheritance is a quick, exciting read.
Full Review Link
SF Reader | Jack Crane
Review Rating: 60
Readers who like tough-guy, action-centered novels with lavish descriptions of torture and violence will love The Inheritance.
Full Review Link
The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation | David Allkins
Review Rating: 60
While nothing here, is radically new, Lindholm has an eye for accumulated everyday details that make her narratives fascinating and a talent for conveying locations.
Full Review Link

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