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The Dead of Winter (Cora Oglesby, Book 1)

Written by Lee Collins

Average Score: 60(1)

Cora and her husband hunt things - things that shouldn't exist. When the marshal of Leadville, Colorado, comes across a pair of mysterious deaths, he turns to Cora to find the creature responsible, but if Cora is to overcome the unnatural tide threatening to consume the small town, she must first confront her own tragic past as well as her present. File Under: Dark Fantasy [ Winter Chill | Small Town Blues | Dead Reckoning | Sharp Shooter ]

Book Details

Mass Market Paperback, 384 Pages
Published by Angry Robot on October 30, 2012
ISBN-10 0857662724
ISBN-13 978-0857662729


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Review Rating: 60
The Dead of Winter is an interesting and entertaining story about a hard and flawed woman who must face her own sins to beat her arch-enemy.
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