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Motherless Child

Written by Glen Hirshberg

Average Score: 80(1)

Another vampire novel? Really? How about a vampire novel about single motherhood? And Otis Redding? And best friends? And how you choose whom you kill? And what that costs? And whether there's ever a way back? On a rare night out in Charlotte, North Carolina, Natalie and Sophie -- best friends, single moms, music lovers -- meet the Whistler at the Back Way Out. In the aftermath of that encounter, desperate to save their children and, just maybe, themselves, they flee together down the back roads of the Deep South, pursued by guilt, the Whistler and his Mother, and their own growing, terrible hunger. Bloody, sexy, rollicking, and sad, Motherless Child is a road novel about finding a way back to a home that no longer exists, a paean to music that drives us out of ourselves, a howling joyride toward heartbreak, and just maybe the vampire novel you really haven't yet read: the human one.

Book Details

Published by Earthling Pubns on November 30, 2012
ISBN-10 0983807116
ISBN-13 978-0983807117


Horror World | Dan Reilly
Review Rating: 80
Motherless Child is a staggeringly good novel, and if I had any complaint, it's that it ended too soon. Highly recommended.
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