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Dark of the Moon (Transformers)

Written by Peter David

Average Score: 60(1)

All humankind was watching that day in 1969. And yet only a handful knew the real mission behind America's triumph in the space race: to explore the alien ship that has crashed on the far side of the moon. Decades later, scientists are still struggling to understand the technology found on board--though with the treacherous Decepticons after it, a powerful force must be at stake. The only hope of averting a crisis is to reawaken Sentinel Prime, the long-lost leader of the Autobots--but who knows what else remains in the shadows, hidden from man and machine?

Book Details

Science Fiction
Mass Market Paperback, 400 Pages
Published by Del Rey on May 24, 2011
ISBN-10 0345529154
ISBN-13 978-0345529152


SF Site | Sandra Scholes
Review Rating: 60
Peter David manages to show what the movie was like to watch, how the characters felt in any given situation.
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