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The Folded World (Dirge for Prester John, Book 2)

Written by Catherynne M. Valente

Average Score: 71(3)

When the mysterious daughter of Prester John appears on the doorstep of her father''s palace, she brings with her news of war in the West--the Crusades have begun, and the bodies of the faithful are washing up on the shores of Pentexore. Three narratives intertwine to tell the tale of the beginning of the end of the world: a younger, angrier Hagia, the blemmye-wife of John and Queen of Pentexore, who takes up arms with the rest of her nation to fight a war they barely understand, Vyala, a lion-philosopher entrusted with the care of the deformed and prophetic royal princess, and another John, John Mandeville, who in his many travels discovers the land of Pentexore--on the other side of the diamond wall meant to keep demons and monsters at bay. These three voices weave a story of death, faith, beauty, and power, dancing in the margins of true history, illuminating a place that never was.

Book Details

Paperback, 320 Pages
Published by Night Shade Books on November 01, 2011
First Published by Brilliance Audio on CD Unabridged in 2011
ISBN-10 1597802034
ISBN-13 978-1597802031


Fantasy Literature | Kat Hooper
Review Rating: 90
[Audio Version] Save this for when you're in a pensive and vulnerable mood. It's incredibly gorgeous.
Full Review Link
Fantasy Literature | Marion Deeds
Review Rating: 84
Valente writes in as many layers as anyone would want, but first and foremost, the reader can just let go and be swept into a glorious tale of a strange and magical kingdom and the people who live there.
Full Review Link
Strange Horizons | Maya Chhabra
Review Rating: 40
Despite its memorable imagery and ability to cut to the dark heart of the pretty stories we tell ourselves, be they fairy tales or the mistaken assumptions that lead to war, I found it a frustrating read and cannot ultimately recommend it.
Full Review Link

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