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The Machinery of Light (Autumn Rain, Book 3)

Written by David J. Williams

Average Score: 60(5)

With The Machinery of Light, David J. Williams completes his furiously paced, stunningly imagined trilogy—a work of vision, beauty, and pulse-pounding futuristic action.
September 26, 2110. 10:22 GMT. Following the assassination of the American president, the generals who have seized power initiate World War Three, launching a surprise attack against the Eurasian Coalition’s forces throughout the Earth-Moon system. Across the orbits, tens of thousands of particle beams and lasers blast away at one another. The goal: crush the other side’s weaponry, paving the way for nuclear bombardment of the cities. 

As inferno becomes Armageddon, the rogue commando unit Autumn Rain embarks on one last run. Matthew Sinclair, an imprisoned spymaster, plots his escape. And his former protégé Claire Haskell, capable of hacking into both nets and minds, is realizing that all her powers may merely be playing into Sinclair’s plans. For even as Claire evades the soldiers of East and West amid carnage in the lunar tunnels, the surviving members of the Rain converge upon the Moon, one step ahead of the Eurasian fleets but one step behind the mastermind who created Autumn Rain—and his terrible final secret.

Book Details

Science Fiction
Paperback, 432 Pages
Published by Spectra on May 25, 2010
ISBN-10 0553385437
ISBN-13 978-0553385434


Pat`s Fantasy Hotlist | Patrick
Review Rating: 83
...another fantastic blend of military science fiction and cyberthriller that should appeal to fans of Richard Morgan and William Gibson.
Full Review Link
Fantasy Book Critic | Mihir Wanchoo
Review Rating: 80
The Machinery of Light was a fascinating climax to the tale begun years ago...
Full Review Link
Publishers Weekly
Review Rating: 60
Williams's readers will eagerly devour this cyberpunk feeding frenzy [...] but newcomers to the series will struggle with the shallow characterizations and overdoses of X-rated vocabulary.
Full Review Link
SF Reader | Joshua Palmatier
Review Rating: 60
...an action-packed sci-fi thriller that you can totally see being made into a movie, with intense battle scenes that are non-stop, along with highly visual settings that the movie industry would love.
Full Review Link
Stephen Hunts SF Crownest | GF Willmetts
Review Rating: 20
If it was deemed an experiment then I would consider it a total failure and I'm being polite.
Full Review Link

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