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The Edge of Ruin

Written by Melinda Snodgrass

Average Score: 68(4)

A novel of the eternal battle between science and superstition

I’m Richard Oort. I’m a cop.

Two months ago I had learned there were unseen worlds on the borders of our reality. Dimensions filled with horrific, nightmare creatures. Things that viewed humans as prey. Things that drove us to acts of unspeakable violence.

I had to fight them. To defend the people I loved, and to find out who I was. And am.

I’m still a cop. But now I’m also CEO of Lumina Enterprises, a mysterious, globe-girdling operation even I don’t know the full extent of. Replacing the previous guy, who appears to have also been Prometheus, really and truly. Now Prometheus is bound, and the job of taking the fight to the next level is mine.

Because the horrors aren’t over. And they’ll use any human weakness they can get hold of. This is a fight for the world. For keeps.

Book Details

Hardcover, 368 Pages
Published by Tor Books on April 13, 2010
ISBN-10 0765316463
ISBN-13 978-0765316462


Library Journal | Jackie Cassada
Review Rating: 80
Combining high-impact action with a thought-provoking premise, this volume should appeal to the author's fans and to readers of speculative fiction.
Full Review Link
SFRevu | Drew Bittner
Review Rating: 80
Readers looking for a thoughtful, action-packed and fascinating story, this one is for you.
Full Review Link
Publishers Weekly
Review Rating: 60
Snodgrass strongly and convincingly highlights the danger of unreason, but the necessary setup for the concluding volumes bogs this one down.
Full Review Link
Fantasy Literature | Stefan Raets
Review Rating: 55
It's not an ideal sequel, but Richard Oort is still a fascinating protagonist, the concept for the novel is still quite original...
Full Review Link

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