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Ports of Call

Written by Jack Vance

Average Score: 70(1)

Myron's parents insisted that he study economics, and Myron dutifully applied himself. But Myron had an aunt--his great aunt Hester Lojoie, a woman of great wealth inherited from a dead husband, and even greater flamboyance of nature. And when Dame Hester came into possession of a space yacht, Myron suddenly saw his long-supressed dreams of adventure bloom into new life.

Book Details

Science Fiction
Paperback, 304 Pages
Published by Tor Books on January 15, 1999
First Published by Tor Books in 1998
ISBN-10 0312864744
ISBN-13 978-0312864743


SF Signal | Scott Shaffer
Review Rating: 70
Vance's command of the language is subtle and fun. Non-traditional conventions, interesting characters, and good storytelling.
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